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Marang Publishers is one of South Africa’s leading independent publishing houses. We’re passionate about reading…

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We help our partners, authors and schools inspire, inform and engage their audiences by providing them with innovative reading content, marketing and publishing services. Our publishing and distribution services provide high-quality books, expert strategic advice and solutions to meet the publishing and content marketing needs of existing and up-coming authors in the African market.

Marang Publishers was founded in 2015. Our first publications were literature and we rapidly developed into a nation-wide publisher and distributor of various, well-recognised titles in South Africa.

We believe books are key to developing an imaginative life, and that the imagination is best expressed in writing. We intend to make a positive difference to readers’ lives, at school or at home.

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We believe that books cannot succeed without being discovered, therefore we intend on investing heavily in finding new authors to satisfy the reading audiences including schools.

This will be achieved through direct engagement, the quality of our editing, design, printing, marketing and distribution to readers

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