A classic South African English novel, Mhudi is the first known English novel
written by a Black South African. It tells the story of a brave woman who saves
her husband from the dangers of the wild and paints a picture of the beautiful
love Mhudi and Ra-Thaga shared. While the setting may be in a bygone age,
the relationships and challenges faced by the characters in this story remain as
true and relevant today as they were then.

This edition of Mhudi includes special features that provide additional help and
guidance in understanding the novel:

• An introduction that sets out the key aspects of this novel and provides
clear explanations of the main features of the story, such as:

– The plot, narrator, characters, and themes
– A biography of the author
– The context of the novel Mhudi and its relevance to today’s reader

• Contextual questions and answers that assist learners gain a clearer,
deeper understanding of the novel and encourage them to develop greater
insight into the story. These questions also stimulate ongoing discussion,
thus allowing learners to engage with each other in and out of the

• A glossary with definitions and explanations of key terms and phrases
found throughout the novel, to further enhance the learner’s understanding
of the text.

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