We believe that books cannot succeed without being discovered, therefore we intend on investing heavily in finding new authors to satisfy the reading audiences including schools.

This will be achieved through direct engagement, the quality of our editing, design, printing, marketing and distribution to readers.



No matter what kind of book you've written (or plan to write), or how good it may be, there are still challenges of ensuring that it lands up on the reader’s lap. In our years of experience, we have discovered various ways to reach the right target audience and potential interests.

It is often challenging for writers to give their work as much exposure as they would like, that’s why you should have a publishing house do it all for you. Over and above our conventional marketing methods, we have social media presence to share information about your work, in order get reviews and blurbs.



To Libraries, Bookshops & Individuals:

Marang Publishers is responsible for the printing, warehousing and distribution of all its titles. We have a network of re-sellers such as bookshops and libraries that we supply.

We are also open for business to individuals looking to purchase any of our titles in bulk or singles. Anyone wishing to buy any of our books can visit our catalogue, copy the ISBN number of all the books desired while quoting the titles accordingly, and paste them onto the email, stipulating quantities required.

We will then send an invoice for payment, arrange the logistics and ensure timely delivery. (Please ensure to provide us with all your invoicing details, delivery and contact information, etc.)

To Schools:

Working in partnership with The Department of Education, all books and classroom material going to public schools are ordered through The Department’s Supply Chain Management.

All orders are communicated with our office directly. A purchase order gets generated by the department to us. Thereafter, we arrange the logistics to ensure delivery within the expected timelines.